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Very impressive work from digital artist Noil Klune…described as “a backwards way to inhumanity of modern feelings,

corroded by slow and acid flow of time”…the work is so full of imagination.




Mysterious Smoky Sketches


Mysterious Smoky Sketches

The Ambiguous Digital Art of Noil Klune is Breathtaking


Although they appear to be formed from smoke, these pieces by Noil Klune are actually pieces of digital art.

Noil Klune is an Italian artist whose work is based on genuine creativity.

The abstract images used in Klune’s work are human-esque forms meant to represent pure emotion.

Noil Klune furthers this concept with the sporadic use of vibrant colors.

The colors signify the explosion that is modern emotion.

As Noil Klune describes it,

“[My art is] a backwards way of inhumanity towards modern feelings, corroded slowly by the acid flow of time.”



Thanks Armida


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